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    There are two general types of rental assistance programs available in Olmsted County:
    Tenant based - the assistance stays with the tenant, and
    Project based - the participant must live in a particular unit (project) to get assistance.
    Olmsted County Housing and Rehabilitation Authority administers two rental assistance programs:
    Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) formerly known as “Section 8” = federal (HUD) tenant-based program
    Low Income Public Housing (LIPH) = local project based program for families
    The following programs are available through various other Olmsted County agencies:
    Housing Options Program (HOP) = local tenant-based program for tenants with special needs
    Transitional Housing Assistance Program (T-RAP) = tenant-based state program for single mothers and households of color

    For further information:
         2122 Campus Drive SE Suite 100
         Rochester, MN 55904
         Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm


 Other Programs Availabe within our Community:

Community Action Partnership 328-6333

"Partnering with community to provide opportunities
for families and individuals to achieve economic self-reliance"

Homeless Prevention & Homeless Assistance Programs

Short term assistance with rent or mortgage payments when families risk homelessness as well as case management to maintain housing and employment for longer term stability and self-sufficiency.

Family Assets for Independence in Minnesota (FAIM)

A savings program to help low-income households build assets for purchasing a home or paying for higher education.

Dorothy Day Hospitality House - Temporary shelter
703 First St. S.W.

A temporary shelter for homeless adult males and females, and families. Each person can stay up to 14 consecutive days and then must wait for 30 days before returning (the 14-day rule is waived during temperatures colder than 32 degrees). Call 282-5172 (call before 9 a.m. or after 4 p.m.).

Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Rochester

The Interfaith Hospitality Network of greater Rochester (Minnesota), IHN for short, is a network of volunteers from 46 faith communities who offer food and shelter to families who find themselves homeless. IHN offers these families the basic necessities of life – food, shelter and security – while they are going through their personal crisis. We give them a chance to regroup, rejuvenate and then get back on their feet with dignity.
 The network operates 365 days a year and has room for 14 people. Host churches host families for a week at a time. Buddy and support churches supply volunteers to help serve the families. Call 281-3122 or e-mail

Women's Shelter Inc. of Rochester

Safe temporary shelter for female victims of domestic violence and their children. Serves women and children only, lodging and meals provided, referrals to community resources, and school programs for children.

24- Hour Hotline: 507-285-1010;

Business Line: 507-285-1938

E-mail: (if you are in danger, be sure to use a computer and e-mail account that can't be accessed by someone who might harm you).

The Salvation Army Social Services: 288-3663

20 First Ave NE

    Rent Assistance
    Rent Deposit Assistance
    Utility Assistance
    Transitional Housing for Families
    Castle View Apartments - Shelli Loge = Manager 424-4181
    Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing (HPRP) 288-3663 ext. 104

The Francis

Mary Mewhorter - Social Worker
17 4th St SW

328-6316 or 273-8489

Apartments for long-term homeless individuals

Must have a diagnosis of MI, CD, TBI, DD

Bridges - Housing Program

Corrine Erickson - CS Supervisor

2116 Campus Drive SE

    Must have an Olmsted County Social Worker
    Must have a mental illness
    Must be experiencing short or long-term homelessness

Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance Program

Olmsted County Community Action Program 328-6341

Eviction Prevention

Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Assistance

Zumbro Valley Mental Health Center   289-2089
343 Wood Lake Dr. SE


  • CD/Homeless Outreach Team - Monday - Saturday Call 951-3620 or 951-5824
  • Homeless Service Team - Monday - Friday 8am-5pm
  • Housing Options Program - Shelter Plus Care  15 6th Ave SE  
  • Angela Peterson - Housing Coordinator
  • 535-5642 = direct line, 535-5645 = main office

 Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association (IMAA)

  IMAA provides information and teaches skills related to stable housing to refugee/asylee families/individuals new to the United States

 IMAA staff assists refugee and asylee families to obtain stable housing by:

Helping clients locate available housing

Contacting the landlord/manager on behalf of the client

Working with the client to apply for any housing assistance that may  be available

IMAA is also a member of Olmsted County Homeless Community Network.

 For assistance with housing, please contact  (507) 289-5960 ext. 112


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