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Articulation Practice Ideas for Home
Make picture or word cards with your child's target sounds to play the following games:

1. Tic-tac-toe - Have your child say a word each time they make a "O" or an "X".
2. Flashlight Tag - Put word cards in a dark room, use as flashlight to "tag" them and say the words as you find them.
3. Fishing - Attach paperclips to the word cards and “fish” for them using magnets.
4. Bingo games
5. Board games - place a word in each square and having the student say each word as they move a space.
6. Mystery Bag - Place cards in a bag and close eyes then pick a card and say your word.
7. Bowling - place cards on 20oz soda bottles, roll ball knock over sounds.
8. Memory - you will need 2 of each card to play memory.
9. Go fish - you will need 2 of each card to play Go Fish

More ways to practice:

1. Coloring target sound pictures.
2. Word search with target words.
3. Cross word with target words.
4. Create board games with target words
5. Choose a book….make a list of all the words in the book with the target sound. Make cards for those words. Have the student match the words they hear with the words in front of them. Ask questions about the story using target words as answers.

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